• Cyber Security

    With the current increase in technology there is alot of Cyber Space activities taking place like email hacking, bank account breaches, data loss and ransom-wares. Many hackers are interested in information. As Bluss Tech we have your back to protect you against these malicious hackers ... 

  • Cloud Services

    We partner with Huawei Cloud and we offer a range of cloud computing services which include ECs, Database Servers, Storage Servers, VPC, VPNs, Public IPs, Cloud Security and many more.

  • Katimba4Good

    With out Katimba4good you will have the best unlimited internet ever. Call in to see if we have our fibre link near your premises to enjoy unlimited fibre internet

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At Bluss Tech, we are your comprehensive technology partner, providing end-to-end solutions for your digital needs. From software and mobile app development to networking, cybersecurity, cloud computing, internet supply, CCTV camera installations, intercom installations, social media marketing, and website design, we offer a complete suite of services to help businesses thrive in the digital era.

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yoKapo from Bluss Tech is the perfect companion for any business, ensuring that you have full control of your decisions wherever you are, at any time. With yoKapo, you can rest easy knowing that your stock levels, suppliers, customers, sales, and expenses are always in check. Trust yoKapo to make managing your business stress-free.

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With Huawei Cloud Services you can never go wrong. We bring you the best cloud services for your business, organization and company. 

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yoKapo is designed to help you manage your businesses anywhere in the world at anytime. yoKapo is your business friend that you can trust. You can be able to monitor your business stock, suppliers, customers, sales and expenses.

Cyber Academy

Bluss Cyber Academy is designed to offer practical skills in software programming, networks, and cyber security. It's designed to equip students and internees with practical skills that can help them compete in the current job market.

Mabiira Shopping

Mabiira is a one-stop shopping center for all your automobile's genuine spare parts. You can order spare parts anywhere, and they will be delivered to your premises. Mabiira also allows you to order with the mechanic of your choice.

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